2009.03.23 : Winter Music Conference

The Winter Music is finally here! I’m excited – as usual there are tons of events to go. Here’s my current schedule:

Tuesday [night]: Defected (Set)
Wednesday [night]: SAW Recordings (Vagabond)
Thursday [day]: SAW Recordings Pool Party (Sagamore Hotel)
Thursday [night]: Toolroom (Space); CR2 (Dek 23); Forensic ( )
Friday [day]: Global Media Event (South Seas Hotel); Flawless House Party (Flawless House)
Friday [night]: Bullit Bookings (Hed Kandi Lounge);
Saturday [morning]: Tom Stephen/ (Mansion)
Saturday [day]: Remix Hotel/Beatport Pool Party (National Hotel)
Saturday [night]: Stealth / Chumbo Mundo (Set)
Sunday [day] (South Seas Hotel); DJ Chus & Cebellos (Surfcomber)
Sunday [night] :

Monday [all day]: Bed

This doesn’t include all the other parties I will "pass through" including Frisky Radio, Miguel Migs, SSRadio UK, aWarehouse, and more. There’s only so much I can see, but I plan to try to bring all to you.

Follow me using Twitter and/or Wertago. I’d love to link up with you guys. BTW – I will announce the passes I have via Twitter and Wertago – in real time. My experience has shown me the hard way that being on the "guest list" doesn’t mean you get in, or that the person at the door actually has the list you’re on, or that the "list" is even valid when you get there. This is why I didn’t announce any passes on the radio shows. Two years ago a listener got burned showing up too late. Which meant I lost two slots that I could have given away to someone else. Last year, when broadcasting for Yahoo – the entire crew got locked out the club while we were broadcasting the Defected party. It’s great story… shout out to Paper Buddha! LOL!

Anyway, I will post updates in real-time from my Google phone,"micro-journalism" at it’s finest.

Birago :)

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  1. ber says:

    so no broadcasting this year?

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